Tea Zakaradze – the General Manager of TAV Georgia – the managing company of Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports is holding meetings within the framework of the Passenger Terminal Expo 2023 in Amsterdam.
The main goal of the meetings is to implement the latest technologies at the Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports, which will create additional comfort for passengers and reduce the duration of service delivery as much as possible. Ongoing infrastructure projects, including the renovation of terminal and passenger bridge carpets, as well as landscape design planning are among the discussion topics.
Passenger Terminal expo & conference provide the most significant opportunity for airports and airlines to debate current issues and form business relationships on a global scale, with more than 10 000 people from at least 130 countries attending each year. Passenger Terminal expo & conference have 300 exhibitors & 400 speakers. TAV Airports and ADP Group are represented by their stands at the exhibition.
Skytrax World Airport Awards 2023 ceremony will take place today in the scope of the exhibition.
The Passenger Terminal conference has firmly established itself as the most highly regarded airport design conference in the world. It’s an exceptional opportunity to see industry leaders share their innovations, knowledge and insight through a comprehensive and diverse range of conferences and panel discussions.
The conference, attracting more than 1 900 senior airport, airline, aviation authority, government and related business executives from all over the world, is the place where attendees gather to pool information, address concerns, discuss solutions and exchange ideas for the future development of the world’s airports.