On June 15-17, the world’s largest and most prestigious annual airport exhibition Passenger Terminal Expo is held in Paris. Up to 2000 authorities of the world’s leading airports, airlines and related business executives take part in the forum. The exhibition, covering over 19,000 square meters provides a unique opportunity for visitors to see and experience art-of-the-state innovative airport products, services and technologies, exhibitors showcasing latest innovations and solutions in the fields of architecture, construction services, etc.
✅Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 is hosted by Groupe ADP (Aeroport De Paris), the shareholder of TAV Airports and the main organizer of the forum. The CEO of TAV Airports and the President of Aeroport De Paris will address the delegates during the event. This year, one of the main discussing topics of the event are the post-pandemic challenges in the aviation sector, decarbonization of the industry, and the introduction of new technologies in the related business. TAV Georgia, the operator company of Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports, also takes part in the forum.
📣Tea Zakaradze, General Manager of TAV Georgia – “The aviation industry is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels, but there are still economic, social and security challenges to overcome. The exhibition offers the unique opportunity to address key issues affecting developments, share views, exchange ideas, benefit from the experiences of peers, and seek innovation and solutions. As a result we will manage to recover to the old figures faster and solve the existing challenges in the shortest time. Architectural and construction companies also participate in the exhibition, their successful projects will allow us to develop innovative concepts for the infrastructural development of Tbilisi and Batumi international airports in the future”.
Passenger Terminal Expo was founded in 1998. The showroom is attended by up to 2,000 delegates from 130 countries each year. For three days, participants will have the opportunity to see presentations of world-leading aviation business leaders, and learn about their visions and experience.