On May 5 the new taxiway G (Golf) of Tbilisi international airport opened officially. The ceremony dedicated to this event was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd. Director, Representatives of Aviation Authorities and TAV Georgia Management.
📢​Tea Zakaradze, TAV Georgia General Manager: “A new taxiway and turnpad were added to Tbilisi international airport aerodrome. Through this project we decreased the time of aircraft occupying the runway and taxiing, which relevantly significantly increased the runway capacity on the whole.”
👉🏻Under the project a high-strength pavement was arranged on a 26 000 m2 area. Tbilisi international airport has 6 taxi/maneuvering ways in total. TAV Georgia made a USD 2,5 million investment in this project.
🚨The new taxiway was equipped with the lighting system by Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd.